How to Book

Buying tickets online is simple!

Firstly, choose the match you want to attend.

Please note that you can only book for one match at a time. If you want to book for more than the one match, you will have to complete the first booking fully, before selecting another match. You may also only book 10 tickets for a match. If you require more seats, then please contact the Ticket Office.

Second: Choose the area of the stadium where you want to sit.

If you 'hover' your mouse over the map, and then click in your chosen place, the drop down box will automatically be changed for you. Hovering on each area will also tell you if there are seats available, and how much they cost. Select how many seats you require.If Car Park booking is available for the match, you will be able to book this at the same time.

Thirdly, choose your seats from the seat plan shown.

The plan will show you each seat that is available. A small stadium map will also show you where in the stadium the area is located. If we have a 'view from the area' photo, then this will be shown too.

Fourth: Confirm the tickets types you want.

Enter into each box the ticket type you want, where a 0 is shown. Entering this will automatically reduced the 'standard' Adult allocation. The total value of all your tickets will be calculated. Select whether you want your tickets delivered, or if you will collect them or if you wish to print them at home. If the seats you've selected are not all together, you will also be asked to confirm that you've seen they are separate.

Then, enter your Login details,

If you haven't bought from us before, you will need to register your name and address details... it only takes a moment thanks to our address lookup service. If you want to pay by card, please make sure the address you enter is the address for the cardholder.

Finally, pay for your tickets using a debit or credit card!

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